Dr. Per Uddén, Permobil Founder
"Every person has the right to have his or her disability compensated as far as possible by aids with the same technical standard as those we all use in our everyday lives."

Checkout how Permobil has been providing the best solutions for our customers for five decades!

Per Uddén is born in Sweden

Beginning the life of a man who dedicated himself to helping individuals with limited mobility and creating power chairs that are used by people around the world.

 image of Per Uddén in Sweden

Per Uddén begins developing a prototype

For a better electric wheelchair in a basement in Kälarne Sweden, focusing on improving stability and functionality for the chair.

Per Uddén with a patient

Uddén creates his first electric wheelchair

The Superior, a machine that weighed 550 pounds and was powerful enough to climb walls.

THe Superior, a machine built by Per Uddén

47 of the new electric wheelchairs are sold in the first year

Permobil is established and has its logo created with a smiling "e", an "o" as a wheel and an off-center "i" dot, because nobody is perfect.

the Permobil logo

First seat elevator: Exterior Mark III

The Exterior Mark III gives users the ability to adjust the height of their power chair seat to their comfort level.

image of first seat elevator

First standing chair: HV-Seat

The HV-Seat revolutionized the industry, allowing users to remain upright.

image of first standing chair

Introducing the Chairman wheelchair

Permobil introduces Chairman wheelchair through music video rap by the group VIBE.

an image of the Chairman wheelchair

Per Uddén receives an honorary Doctorate

From the Karolinska Institute for his creative undertakings in the fields of power wheelchairs and dyslexia to aid those living with disabilities.

Per Uddén receving an Honorary Doctorate

Permobil acquires TiLite

A leading manufacturer of custom, ultra-lightweight wheelchairs.

image of the TiLite logo

Permobil acquires ROHO

A global leader in providing cushions, skin protection and positioning solutions for wheelchair users.

image of the ROHO logo

Permobil launches F3/F5

Featuring improved technology; offering greater independence to users.


ActiveReach™ is launched

Allowing users to reach object while remaining secure in their power chair.

image of active reach

Agility Carbon Introduced

A back support system combining high-strength performance and streamlined design.

image of agility carbon

Permobil acquires Comfort Company

A complete seating solution provider that manufactures seating and postural support systems.

image of comfort company
Permobil Redefining Ability for 50 Years Logo

Permobil continues Per Uddén's mission of redefining ability for our users using the latest technological advances to produce the best mobility equipment available.

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